Small Groups

Small Groups meet on Sunday and Tuesday evenings (Sept-May) either in homes or at the church building. We strongly encourage you to connect to a small group to grow in your faith. More information soon. 

Parent/Student Small Group (Begins Jan. 12)

This small group is specifically designed for teenagers and their parents. We will meet Sunday nights at 5:00 pm at the Landon’s home (5231 Tildy Ln). We will share a meal together and study 1 Corinthians. We will spend quality time developing relationships with other teenagers and parents and devote some time to pray for one another.


Adult Small Group (Begins Jan. 5)

This small group is open to any adult who would like to participate in an in-depth study of the book of Ephesians.
Led by Steve Hayes, this study will take place on Sunday nights at 6:00 pm in the church sanctuary.
EPISTLE TO THE EPHESIANS: The Revelation of the Mystery to Paul The overarching theme of the Epistle to the Ephesians is the revelation of the mystery doctrines concerning the Church as the Body of Christ (Eph1:22-23) and the present Dispensation of Grace (Eph3:2-3), which Paul asserts were disclosed exclusively to him by the risen and glorified Lord Jesus Christ (Gal1:11-12). The book of Ephesians also figures prominently in Calvinism’s defense of its doctrines of total depravity, unconditional election/predestination, and the necessity of regeneration prior to faith (e.g., Eph1:3-6; 2:1-10). These themes will be explored in a verse-by-verse study of this fascinating book of the Bible.
All interested in this study should bring a Bible and join us.


Parent/Child Small Group (Begins Jan. 14)

This small group is for parents with children Pre-K through 6th grade. We will meet Tuesday nights at 6:00 pm at the Crockett’s home (4758 S. Holmes Ave). We will share a meal together and study the Bible. There will be specific time for parents and children to pray and study together as well as a separated time of children’s activities and a parent prayer time. If you have teenagers as well, there will be transportation provided to and from the youth group gathering at the church.
Please contact us for more information about Small Groups, or with any questions you may have.